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Wine Pairing Guide & Tips

Hello, all!

We are giving out some tips for blowing away your guests at dinner. In this article, you'll find information about pairing wine with foods and, who knows, maybe you'll become a complete master after this.

While wine pairing seems black and white, it's actually quite subjective. Each individual is different. And, hey, we like that!  That's what makes the world go 'round. Am I right!? With that being said, our NUMBER ONE TIP is to remember to have fun - experiment!

You want to compliment your dish, not overpower it. Think of it like an extra sprinkle of seasoning. You're adding the cherry on top!

Here's a good rule of thumb, spicy foods pair nicely with sweeter wines. Acidic foods tend to like acidic wines. Fatty foods, like a nice juicy steak, pair well with a full bodied wine. Try it with our Merlot. Salty foods are delicious with a sweet wine. You'll find a feel of balance with this pair.

Is your mouth watering yet?



Chardonnay - veggie dishes, seafood, poultry

Carlos Muscadine - seafood, poultry, grilled foods, cheeses

Sugar Sands White - seafood, poultry

Blush Muscadine - spicy foods, pork, BBQ

Noble Muscadine - grilled foods, beef, pasta

Sunset Red - cheese, fruit, light fare

BeachBerry - appetizers, poultry

Wild Honeyflower - seafood, poultry, fruit, cheese

Blueberry - cheesecake, chocolate

Blackberry - cheesecake, chocolate, cheese

Sherry and Ports are great for any desserts, literally. Try these with pound cakes. C'mon, You can never go wrong with a good pound cake!


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